Juggalos Portraits !

So I knew in my heart of hearts that there would be some great people watching and costumes tonight in Atlanta at the Masquerade during the Insane Clown Posse show.  I took it upon myself and for simple curiosity and photographic fun to create an area to take portraits of the Juggalos as they entered the venue.  It was a very interesting experience and new to me but it was actually quite entertaining and I loved some of the creativity these people put into their outfits.  (And I was able to go and leave without any Faygo on my person)  Thank you to all who were willing to stand for a portrait with me; I hope I do you some justice.  

Living Room Concert

I had a new experience tonight and attended a Living Room concert (yes I occasionally go non-metal)  I do love to photograph music in any form.

Darkadya Dark Art Book !

I am beyond honored and humbled to be included in such an amazing series of art books.  My good friend Laryiah Hayes of Khaotika, Haze Designs, and many more artistic pursuits is putting this series of artist books together for people who are both big and small in the global metal community.  All profits go the artists featured in the books.  I will be included in the 2nd book and you can see a little teaser of some of those involved, including myself, in this little teaser video!